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Answers to Popular Interview questions

1) How many songs do you have?

Answer: The library is unlimited. If I don't have it, provided I am given ample notice, I will do everything I can to acquire it.

2) Are you willing to take requests at the reception? Some charge for this. Do you?

Answer: If it is okay with the bride and groom, of course. There isn't an additional charge for taking requests, nor should there ever be.

3) Can the bride and groom help in the song selection list for the reception. If so, how many can we choose.

Answer: Yes, by all means. The day is your day and you should be able to dance to music that you would like to dance to. As far as how many can you select, don't feel you are pressured to select each and every song. You should have some fun and you should also allow for some flexibility during the event.

4) Can you provide music for our onsite ceremony? The cocktail hour/

Answer: Yes and Yes.

5) How long does it take you to setup your equipment and do we get charged for your setup time?

Answer: I arrive 2 hours before your event starts. Doesn't take that long to setup. Just want everything to go smoothly. The setup time is on me. You only pay for the actual reception time.

6) What do you wear?

Answer: Banded collar tux shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a black tux vest.

7) Do you take breaks?

Answer: No. Even when I am being presented with my meal, I will insure that there is music playing

8) Will we be able to meet with you before the event?

Answer: By all means. We can set up a time and location that is convenient for all.

9) Do you provide a wireless microphone for the speeches?

Answer: Yes.

10) Are You Insured? Yes

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